Mobility 1: Audiovisuals and Social Media for the Classroom – Мобилност

europassEuropass Teacher Academy Barcelona

Dates: 2.07.2018 to 13.07.2018 in Barcelona, Spain

Receiving organisation: Europass Teacher Academy, Barcino School, Carrer Rector Triadó, 69-71, Barcelona
Contact Person (name, function, e-mail, tel): David Baroni, manager of the course,


Participants: Katya Zamfirova and Petya Dencheva attended a two-week course (from 2.07.2018 to 13.07.2018) entitled Audiovisuals and Social Media for the Classroom in Barcelona, Spain. We took part in a wide range of practical activities on using social medias and video-making techniques – from shooting and editing videos with the students, to adapting already existing audio-visual resources (film and music clips, documentaries, news etc.). We were introduced to some easy web-based solutions through which teachers and students can easily dub and subtitle videos in a variety of languages. We also also learnt how to use a set of web resources and Social Media as educational tools.
We acquired more knowledge about the safe use of social media, digital classroom management and how to work with audiovisual material in a productive and motivating manner.

During the course we acquired the following competences:
– knowing how to write a video plot and a script in accordance with teaching objectives;
– knowing how to manage students’ team work to create a script and a video;
– being familiar with basic techniques for video-shooting;
– acquiring skills to edit photos and videos;
– knowing how to dub and to add subtitles in a creative manner using web tools.
– managing a classroom through the use of Social Media: interacting, communicating, sharing materials;
– using Public Platforms to share audiovisual materials: to make a search easier, creating playlists about different topics, embedding videos and playlists, revising through the use of videos;
– managing a virtual classroom, sending assignments, searching and sharing useful materials, communicating with students and parents;
– knowing how to use the following educational tools – youtube, Instagram, facebook, pinterst, Edmodo, kahoot, word art, blogging, studystack, quizziz, mevideo, windows movie maker;
– awareness about ethical issues and skills to manage privacy settings;
– safe use of Social Media.

The Monitoring and Mentoring process of the participants before, during and after the mobility were organized as follows:
The course provider was responsible to:
1. organize and provide the course according to the program;
2. provide all the necessary materials;
3. help the participants to find accommodation;
4. give certificates to the participants;
5. help the participants to fill in the mobility documents.
The principal of Ivan Vazov High School, the coordinator of the project and the accountant were responsible to:
1.communicate with the National Agency, sign the contract and communicate with the receiving organization before the mobility.
2. prepare all the documents and pay the fees and other expenses.
3. the coordinator monitors the process of filling in the individual reports by each participant and the required information in Mobility Tool after the course.
Evaluation and Recognition of the mobility:
1. we received and presented our certificates;
2. we made a presentation about their mobility and the acquired knowledge;
3. we started writing our individual reports to be uploaded in Mobility tool;
4. we will organise lessons which will be visited by the principal and other teachers from the school to demonstrate the new teaching techniques;
5. we will take part in a seminar to share the acquired knowledge;
6. we will participate more actively in the interdisciplinary and innovative projects of the school.



Мобилност 1: “Аудиовизуални технологии и социални медии в класната стая”

от 2.07.2018 до 13.07.2018г. в Барселона, Испания

Обучителна институция: “Европас Тийчър Академи”, “Барсино Скуул”, улица „Ректор Триадо“, 69-71, Барселона
Контакт: Дейвид Барони, управител на курса

Участници: Катя Замфирова и Петя Денчева посетиха двуседмичен курс от 2.07.2018 до 13.07.2018г. в Барселона, Испания.
Ние участвахме в разнообразни практически дейности за използване на социалните медии и технологии за създаване на видеа – от заснемане и редактиране на видео с учениците, до адаптиране на вече съществуващи аудио-визуални ресурси (филми, музикални клипове, документални филми, новини и др.)  Запознахме се с някои лесни уеб-базирани решения, чрез които учителите и учениците могат да дублират видеа на различни езици. Научихме как да използваме редица интернет ресурси и социалната медия като образователни инструменти.

По време на курса научихме:
– как да пишем сюжет за филм според целите на обучението;
– как да управляваме работата на учениците в групи за създаване на сюжет и видео;
– за основни техники за заснемане на видео;
– как да дублираме и да добавяме субтитри по креативен начин като използваме уеб инструменти;
– как да управляваме класната стая чрез социалните медии: създаване, споделяне на материали;
– да използваме обществени платформи за споделяне на аудиовизуални материали: да направим търсенето на информация по-лесно, да създаваме плейлиста за различни теми;
– да управляваме виртуална класна стая, изпращаме домашни, търсим и споделяме полезни материали, общуваме с ученици и родители;
– как да използваме следните инструменти с образователна цел – youtube, Instagram, facebook, pinterst, Edmodo, kahoot, word art, blogging, studystack, quizziz, mevideo, windows movie maker;
– да обръщаме внимание на етичните въпроси и да управляваме настройките за поверителност на информацията;
– да използваме безопасно социалните медии.


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